Our Supports

Potential students are offered a wide range of management services for their personal and professional development.

Why to study with Us?

Access to resources
Enhance your learning & development skills
Share experience and sharpen your knowledge
Building academic and professional career
Single Subject study as part of CPD – Continuous Professional Development
Wide range of Professional Qualifications.


Support & Services:

University Qualifications:

We have collaboration with many universities in Europe (mainly in the UK, Germany, Spain Italy and Cyprus). The tuition fee varies in accordance with universities and countries. Many universities offer scholarship to the students who have excellent previous academic background. Please contact us for further information.

Professional Qualifications:

More and more learners are turning to study professional qualifications online. Our innovative curriculum helps managers and practitioners to make better, smarter, and faster decisions. Ofpd offers professional qualifications, providing learners the opportunity to excel in their professional life.

Helping Individuals:

Our focus is on developing individual learners. Advice and guidance can be received from experts to help with your decisions about further qualification, and your career. Individuals can study and pursue qualifications at their own pace.

Managing Time:

Managing time is important. It is all about being organised, prioritising tasks effectively and executing tasks efficiently in a timely manner. We appreciate that individuals have different approaches to managing their time for personal, academic, and professional life. With us, learners can balance their work and study. We take care that learners can manage their time while studying one of our professional qualifications.

Learning Engagement:

We maximise learners’ participation and engagement with their studies by applying theoretical, practical, and psychological models to the learning process. Different motivational theories are applied in curriculum as they relate to the learning process.

Single Subject Certification:

Learners can study single module/subject and achieve the Single Subject Award at their own pace. This assists learners in their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Corporate Support:

Staff Recruitment Support
HR Support
IT Support
Academic Curriculum Development Support.